Update to WordPress/radio and such

Looks like my webhost updated the root of my website where there was a redirect to this blog. Not sure how long it’s been down by sorry for the down time.


Radio has been moved to the back burner in my life as I’ve become more active in my son’s Cub Scout Pack. The Echolink and UHF repeaters are both down at this time, not sure if I’ll bring them back online at my house any time soon. The location just isn’t great for coverage. If someone else in the Middleton area with good line of sight wants to step up, we’ll look at moving the gear at that point.

Echolink and UHF repeater

I’m chasing some stray RF issues causing problems at home from either the VHF Echolink node or the UHF repeater getting in to a lighting circuit in my garage. Both are offline for the time being while I troubleshoot.

What is Valley Wide REACT?

Some of you may have heard me mention Valley Wide REACT on local repeaters. vwreact.org is the primary website for the local REACT team in the Boise area. They are a small but growing public service group that utilizes radio communications to aid in providing community service on events like fun runs, marathons, parades and bicycle events. I help on a few of the over 30 events each year the group helps with. Email me here using the address AJ at K6LOR dot COM (spread out to avoid the spam bots) if you have questions or want information on joining.