K6LOR 146.500 EchoLink Simplex Node 707383 – Middleton, Idaho

I operate a simplex EchoLink node in Middleton on 146.500, PL Tone 100.0. It is right in town with reasonable coverage as far south as Costco and west to the interstate.

You must transmit at 100.0 hz tone in order to be received by the receiver. This is necessary to prevent interference and local simplex traffic from being repeated on to the EchoLink network inadvertently. This node also transmits a 100.0 hz tone – you can configure your radio to decode this tone and not unmute on fringe signals elsewhere in the valley.

This node consists of a 2 channel Motorola Radius mobile set to 25 watts, powered by an Astron RS-35M that also feeds a high power fan to blow air across the radio heat sink. The radio is connected with 50 feet of CNT600 coax to a custom tuned Ventenna at 20′ above ground level. The radio is interfaced with a Tigertronics Signalink USB to a surplus Dell laptop running Windows 7 and the EchoLink software. You can connect directly to this node by using the EchoLink software on a PC, using the Android app or over the air through another EchoLink node by dialing 707383.

To use the Middleton 146.500 PL 100.0 Simplex Node:

Dial node number to connect directly, i.e. 707383

By call sign dial C+CALLSIGN+#, i.e. CK6LOR#

Status (currently connected node/conference) 08

Disconnect last connected station #

Disconnect all stations ##

Listen Only 0510

Listen Only Off 0511

Play Middleton Node Info *

Query By Call 07

Query By Node 06

Random Conference 02

Random Link 01

Random Node 00

Random User 03

Reconnect to last node/conference 09

List of local active EchoLink nodes

List of all active EchoLink nodes